About the designer

Emanuel Hendrik was born in colourful 1980s Berlin.
Early on he discovered his deep interest in all forms of art.
He followed this calling at the turn of the millennium to study design at the renowned Victoria University of Wellington.
Over six years the New Zealand lifestyle significantly influenced him as an artist, and he continues to incorporate the natural wild beauty and unconventional culture that he experienced in his painting and photography.

In 2011 he established his label EMANUEL HENDRIK in Dusseldorf.



Emanuel Hendrik embodies the uncommon union of German quality, great artistic value and carefree New Zealand spirit.
The designer is committed to a contemporary design language focusing on fashion in bridal wear.
Emanuel Hendrik aspires to create pieces that are so versatile that they can be worn beyond the wedding day.
The combination of light western European fabrics and German craftsmanship make every gown a piece of art in itself.